Oracle Coalfields PLC UK Block-VI

    BLOCK-VI: Oracle Coalfields, PLC UK

  • Oracle Coalfields incorporated in England and Wales in July 2006, Oracle listed in the London Stock Exchange on the PLUS Markets, in August 2007. The company successfully listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in the UK, in April 2011.
  • Oracle Coalfields Feasibility Stage Tariff has been approved by TCEB for 4.0 Mtpa mine project on 15-6-2016.
  • According to the M/s Oracle Coalfields Petition, total Project Cost is estimated to be USD 0.672 billion, to be funded by a 75-30 Debt-Equity ratio.
  • Aiming for Financial Close in 2017.
  • Start of Mine development to begin by 2017.
  • JDA Signed with SEPCO China for Mining & Power Plant of 330 MW on mine mouth.
  • Signed an agreement with Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Ltd for participation in mining project.
  • The Company is in final stages of discussions with Sinosure and other equity providers for securing debt.
  • For Land Acquisition the Company has hired the Services of Hagler Baily Pakistan in accordance with the Resettlement Framework Policy of Sindh Government.
  • The ESIA has been approved by SEPA in January, 2014.