Sino-Sindh Resources Block-I

BLOCK-I: Sino Sindh Resources Pvt. Ltd.

  • Sino Sindh Resources (Pvt) Limited (SSRL) which was a subsidiary of Global Mining (China) Co, was awarded the Exploration License in Thar Coalfield Block-I in October, 2011. Detailed feasibility study was completed in March, 2012 and mining lease was issued in May, 2012. Global Mining China has acquired 100% shareholding of SSRL.
  • SSRL is going to establish an open-pit coal mine for 7.8 MTPA in Thar Block-I and two mine mouth 2 x 660 MW Power Plants to be operated on indigenous coal i.e Lignite. Initially the mine would have capacity of 7.8 mtpa, to be scaled up to 25mtpa.
  • SSRL and Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd (SEC) have initialed a Coal Supply Agreement for power generation through 2 x 660MW mine mouth power plants.
  • SSRL says contingent upon Financial Close which is due in Q2 2019, COD is expected to be attained by 2022.
  • Land & Socioeconomic survey completed.
  • Feasibility stage coal tariff approved by TCEB.
  • LOI from ICBC & Sinosure at place for mining.